How Indoor Vertical Farming Will Change The World

Indoor Vertical Farming is changing the food chain from producer to consumer.

Consumers can have great tasting, organic, high nutrient food without pesticides or herbicides that will last at prices lower than traditionally grown ready-to-eat salads.

The retailer can have longer longer shelf life, reduced waste, and sourced locally.

Food service can have custom salad recipes harvested and delivered daily with no prep cost.

Everybody can enjoy enhanced food safety with significantly reduced risk of e.coli, somnenalla, and listeria.

Cities can eliminate food deserts and repurpose unused buildings.

Countries can become self sufficient on food.

Sustainability is increased with Salads with a significantly lower carbon footprint than any other form of agriculture. Ferltizer runoff destroying water systems with algae bloom will be eliminated. Pesticides killing bees and frogs is eliminated.
Herbicides that destroy forests will no longer be needed.

Real estate investors can get a high value from low cost real estate such as warehouses or foundation space.

Producers, (and investors like Softbank), will see huge profits because Indoor Vertical Farming is 350x more productive than field farming and has 1/10 the cost of transportation.

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