Why We Care If Hydroponics Is Organic

Recently the US group which regulates these things, decided, by a vote of 8 to 7, that Hydroponics can continue to be classified as “Organic”.

While the debate was very technical, I see the debate as important because it’s about Sustainability and what we eat.

Hydroponic growing, which is used by many Indoor Vertical Farming technology companies and is extremely sustainable.
(See my articles on Sustainability and technology)

Hydroponic food is as healthy and tasty as anything grown is soil.

Heads up: We grow in soil, and are Organic everywhere.

The debate is about what is good for society.

If a product is certified “Organic” people prefer it. And the organic market share is increasing daily.

By purchasing Organic Hydroponic food consumers are able to reduce the carbon footprint of foods they buy and help rejuvenate the planet.

The debate exists because the first principles of Organic were about rejuvenating the soil.

Another way to say it, is, the debate is about the 60’s version of Organic and the Modern version of Sustainability and which philosophy should be “Organic”.

Everybody is required to use Organic inputs and GMO free, and do other nice things.

FYI: In Canada and the EU, Hydroponic is not “Organic”.

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