Indoor Vertical Farming Predictions

There will totally “net zero” Indoor Vertical Farming systems. Meaning that all the necessary energy to grow will be generated onsite.

Indoor Vertical Farming will increase the quality and nutrition of the food supplies.

Indoor Vertical Farming will make any level of pesticides unacceptable.

The price of fresh food will drop once the Indoor Vertical Farms start to compete for market share.

Indoor Vertical Farming technology will grow root vegetables once the high profit markets like greens and strawberries have been captured..

New Greenhouse Installations will stop.
Existing greenhouses will have their glass insulated and essentially become Indoor Vertical Farms. Greenhouses 1 hour transport to large urban centres will remain, others farther away will have difficulty competing. Greenhouses that currently shut down in the winter, once insulated will have a some new opportunities.

The advantages of Tower style over Bunk Bed style will become evident. (Bias here…I am a Tower guy). The technical challenges of Bunk Bed style decrease the profit margins and so the bunk bed technology will fade away like floppy disks.

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