The 7 Reasons Indoor Vertical Farming Is Sustainable

  1. Reduction of the Carbon footprint in food production.
  2. Reduction in Carbon footprint moving food 1,500 miles (on average) from production to consumers.
  3. Removal of Fertilizer runoff into the water system.
  4. Removal of Pesticides from the environment.
  5. No wastage of water.
  6. Growing can use 100% renewable energy.
  7. Greater consumer health from increased nutritional quality of the vegetables.

Some other benefits:

  • The need for GMOs disappears
  • Everything can 100% organic
  • Food costs will go down
  • Reduction in the use of fertilizer

Indoor Vertical Farming Is Sustainable Farming

The big food retailers want sustainability. I gave a talk at FMI (Food Marketing Institute) a few months back on the same topic. All of North America’s top retailers were in the room.

The next big Sustainability change needs to be in fertilizers.

The largest thing in fertilizer is Nitrogen.

Man made Nitrogen is created using the Haber–Bosch process, which currently burns about 5% of the world’s natural gas.

Nitrogen can be created naturally by growing and processing legumes. Moving to Indoor Vertical Farming frees land that can be used to grow legumes naturally for Nitrogen.

A massive win-win.

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