Local Grown Salads Featured at Bioenterprise Impact Event

Local Grown Salads is proud to have been featured at showcase event for Bioenterprise Corporation seed funding recipients, on October 10th in Guelph, Ontario.

Held at Cutten Fields, the non-profit agricultural business accelerator’s event gave Local Grown Salads and the 14 other recipients the opportunity to highlight the achievements made thanks to the funding they received.

 Local Grown Salads used the Bioenterprise funding toward the purchase of testing equipment and the building of its prototype Grow Units, as well as in submitting its patents.

This progress has established Local Grown Salads’ latest projects, and attracted new investors for further expansion which will shortly mean product in the retail market.

While at the event, recipients had the chance to meet and share their business challenges with government officials, including the Member of Parliament for Guelph, Lloyd Longfield.

Whilespeaking with Mr. Longfield, Local Grown Salads’ CEO, Zale Tabakman, shared his observations from his corporate fundraising experiences, suggesting that if the Government of Canada desired to enhance business investment in Canada, and attract more Canadian angel investors, it could help angel investor groups by providing them with funding to cover administrative costs, reducing cost for both angel investor groups and the small and startup businesses vying for their investment dollars.

Local Grown Salads continues to thrive thanks to the initial funding from Bioenterprise Corporation.

The company is now working in partnership with Canada South Science City, a not-for-profit science education centre in Windsor, ON, to build an Indoor Vertical Farming display showcasing its Grow Units, and to plan a small-scale social enterprise farm to supply the disadvantaged in Windsor with fresh, healthy produce year-round.

Local Grown Salads has also signed a letter of intent with GreenStreet of NY, a New York City-based developer working to build development sites with Indoor Vertical Farms in the basements of mixed-use properties.

For more on Bioenterprise Corporation and the event, go to http://bioenterprise.ca/index.cfm?page=news&coord=411

Bioenterprise Seed Funding Recipients with MP Lloyd Longfield and the Bioenterprise Corporation Team

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