Local Grown Salads Wants To Feed The World

We at Local Grown Salads want to feed the world healthy Salads grown sustainably.

Salads grown within 15 minutes of where they are eaten.

Salads that are grown with no impact on the environment.

Salads that have high nutritional content.

Salads without any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Salads grown to the highest organic standards.

Salads grown by local people employing local people.

Salads that don’t waste water when being grown.

Salads that do not create algae bloom.

Salads that don’t hurt the wildlife where they are grown.

Salads grown with Indoor Vertical Farming technology that can be deployed
– to help people in natural disasters such as Puerto Rico,
– feeding refugees in Jordan, or
– providing food in remote part of the world where food costs are excessive because of transportation costs.


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