​What Is An Indoor Vertical Farming System?

An Indoor Vertical Farm is a system of parts selected for growing, harvesting and packaging salads.

The most important part are the lights providing the energy nutrition.  LED lights are getting brighter and smaller, using less power almost daily. LEDs give off heat and don’t like water.

Plants are mostly made up of water, thus water-handling parts are crucial. Too much water and the plants drown. Too little and they starve.

Plants use the atmosphere to get their nutrition. Temperature, humidity and CO2 in the air is different for every type of plant.

The nutrients fed to the plants are another part. Every plant’s needs are different and the recipe can change the taste, flavour, vitamin and mineral content.

Each type of seed is different. There are some 30 types of Kale. Each has a different taste, crunch, colour, and flavour.

We need walls and ceilings and HVAC to keep out insects, pollen, and pathogens that hurt people and cause disease in the plants.

There are parts for harvesting, cleaning and packaging.

All the parts must create the highest food safety standard possible.

All the parts working together create the system.

– Zale

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