Vegetables Are Becoming The Focus In Take Out

Today’s story highlight comes from QSR Magazine (Quick Service Restaurants), all about healthy eating taking that part of the food market by storm.

From the article:

“Plant-based foods are increasingly becoming the star of the plate at fast-casual brands, as consumers consider the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat. Consumers under the age of 40 have increased their vegetable intake over the past 10 years, and consumption is on track to rise further in the coming years, according to NPD Group.

Over the past decade, consumers under age 40 have upped their fresh vegetable intake by 52 percent and frozen by 59 percent, compared with those aged 60 and up, who’ve decreased fresh vegetable consumption by 30 percent and frozen by 4 percent over the same period, according to The NPD Group. This indicates that millennials and members of Generation Z are adopting “fresh” at an early age and are likely to sustain it over time. Indeed, fresh vegetable consumption is expected to increase another 10 percent over the next several years, per NPD.

Steve Heeley, CEO of Santa Monica, California–based vegan fast casual Veggie Grill, also champions a more inclusive approach, particularly since 80 percent of the chain’s customers aren’t vegan or vegetarian and “might still associate the word vegan with steamed broccoli and plain brown rice,” he says.

The brand instead describes itself as “veggie positive,” which means that whether the customer is flextarian, pescetarian, vegan, or just wanting to eat veggies a couple more days a week, there’s something for them at Veggie Grill.”

Read the full article at…/plant-based-future-foodservice

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