The Packer Demonstrates Packaging’s Important Role in Food Safety

We’re back with a great new story highlight, from The Packer’s Jim Offner. From current food packaging to how that packaging is, and will continue to evolve, it’s a look at the serious considerations made by food growers, manufacturers and packagers as they work to bring us products that are both desirable and safe.

From the article:

“Packaging will play a central — and in some cases, active — role as the produce industry moves forward with its food safety efforts, said Jim Gorny, vice president of food safety and technology for the Newark, Del.-based Produce Marketing Association.”

“Then, there’s ‘smart packaging’ that will tell a consumer even more about the product inside the bag or clamshell.”
“I think you’re going to see a lot more time-temperature indicators — basically, sensor technology through nanotechnologies that are becoming readily accessible.”

“They can actually sense if there’s salmonella present by some type of aroma or gas that we couldn’t detect. It will turn blue or red on the label and say don’t eat. Smart packaging is going to play a role. It’s on the near horizon.”

Packaging is, in many cases, a crucial last line of defense in safeguarding food from contamination, said Jon Kimble, food safety services manager with the Sacramento, Calif.-based Safe Food Alliance.

“Fully enclosed packaging has begun seeing use with products it has not been used for in the past. Additionally, functionality like tamper-evident seals protect consumers against potential harm.”

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