Canada South Science City Invites Local Grown Salads Founder, Zale Tabakman, as its 2017 Distinguished Visitor!

We’re honoured to share the news that Zale has been announced as the Canada South Science City Distinguished Visitor for 2017!

Distinguished Visitor programs bring experts, practitioners and scholars to work in academia and communities. They share their knowledge and experience as well as work on the development of new and innovation community-based projects. Visitors come from diverse regions, with substantial planning experience in public, private, non-profit or community organizations at local, national or international levels.

As Windsor-Essex’s Canada South Science City (AKA Science City) transitions into its new home at the Forster Non-Profit Community Hub, it has partnered with Local Grown Salads (LGS) to build a new vertical farming display, highlighting various technologies from this burgeoning field, and particularly showcasing LGS’ Oxyfertigation Growing Units. With this partnership, Science City invited Zale to take up residence in Windsor to share in applied research and innovation, Zale will also assist in building the framework for a social enterprise that will offer not only grow organic heathy food, but will raise much needed funds for new programming and capital renovations to build a world-class science centre in Windsor-Essex.

We look forward to this opportunity to educate the people of Southern Ontario about the future of farming, in which safe, organic, sustainable food is a reality for everyone, and helping Windsor-Essex become a name synonymous with vertical farming. And we want to thank Science City for inviting Local Grown Salads to Windsor-Essex for this exciting opportunity!

Unifor Local 444 building vertical farming display.

Unifor Local 444 and Chrysler’s Community Support Program helping to prepare Canada South Science City indoor/vertical growing display to be open to the public in 2017.

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