The Science Behind Local Grown Salads

Our Monolith growing systems use Oxyfertigation to grow more nutritious, hardier vegetables, more quickly, and with far less waste than in traditional methods.

Oxyfertigation in Action

Oxyfertigation is the process that infuses our plants with far more oxygen than standard farming practices, allowing them to grow with less water, and more nutrients, at a faster rate than ever before!

The Oxyfertigation Unit in action

Monolith Growing Systems

The Monolith is the latest version of our self-contained growing systems, providing us with the largest surface growing area that we've ever had, completely new lighting and semi-automated curtain control systems.

Learn more about how we're helping our partners grow the best vegetables for their needs. In this video, our President, Zale Tabakman, discusses how we're helping The Kale Chip Lady create the perfect kale chip!