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What is Oxyfertigation?

In short, it's our process that infuses extra oxygen into our water and plants to grow better, and more nutritious, vegetables. It's not magic. It's just science!

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BrightFarms Logo and Rochelle Farm

BrightFarms Building $10 Million Greenhouse in Ohio

GlobalAg Investing has reported that hydroponics and greenhouse company BrightFarms is planning on building a massive new greenhouse facility in Ohio. From the report: “Greenhouse farming company BrightFarms announced it is investing $10 million for the construction of a 160,000-square-foot greenhouse 55 miles outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. On pace to be completed later this year, the facility […]

The Packer Demonstrates Packaging’s Important Role in Food Safety

We’re back with a great new story highlight, from The Packer’s Jim Offner. From current food packaging to how that packaging is, and will continue to evolve, it’s a look at the serious considerations made by food growers, manufacturers and packagers as they work to bring us products that are both desirable and safe. From the article: […]

PBS Reaction Vertical Farming Video Thumbnail with Play Button

PBS Short Explains Vertical Farming

Here is a great short video from PBS all about vertical growing. In a few minutes a complete explanation of how and why it works. While it doesn’t explain the LGS technology, it’s clear why our technology works.

Johnny's Seeds Mesclun Mix

We Might be Headed for a Shortage of Salad Blends

Bad news, salad lovers ― there might be a shortage of mesclun mix on the horizon. Most of our wintertime leafy greens are grown in the fields of Arizona, and this is normally a pretty reliable system. But this season has been uncharacteristically damp, and mildew has forced farmers to pull and toss greens. Normally, […]