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Take a look at what we're growing at our development plantation, and get answers to the question "What the heck is a cultivar?".

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What is Oxyfertigation?

In short, it's our process that infuses extra oxygen into our water and plants to grow better, and more nutritious, vegetables. It's not magic. It's just science!

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Why get your vegetables from thousands of miles away, when our salads come fresh from our local farms?

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Food Safety Testing and Recalls

Once we figured out our basic technology, the next challenge became integrating Food Safety into our technology. So today’s story highlight is a great article from the CBC that helps explain why the issue is so important to us. From the article: “‘The advantages of culture-independent testing are that they are easier to use and […]

Macka B Hits Some Smooth(ie) Beats

Healthy-eating rapper Macka B is at it again. This time, he’s talking up smoothies. “WHA ME EAT WEDNESDAY ‘WHA ME DRINK’ LYRICS: Welcome to Wha Me Eat Wednesdays give thanks for the link You already know what I eat what about what I drink If you can’t eat the greens and you’ve got to get […]

Vegetables Are Becoming The Focus In Take Out

Today’s story highlight comes from QSR Magazine (Quick Service Restaurants), all about healthy eating taking that part of the food market by storm. From the article: “Plant-based foods are increasingly becoming the star of the plate at fast-casual brands, as consumers consider the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat. Consumers under the age […]

This Rapper Spins Rhyme About Health Foods

Have you heard of Macka B? He’s a rapper who wants you to eat right and get healthy, and he spins some pretty amazing rhymes about health foods. So we’ve decided to start sharing his fun videos with you! Check this out: WHA ME EAT WEDNESDAYS ‘KALE’ Encouraging people to try Vegan food