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Take a look at what we're growing at our development plantation, and get answers to the question "What the heck is a cultivar?".

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What is Oxyfertigation?

In short, it's our process that infuses extra oxygen into our water and plants to grow better, and more nutritious, vegetables. It's not magic. It's just science!

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Fresh Vegetables - Anytime. Anywhere.

Why get your vegetables from thousands of miles away, when our salads come fresh from our local farms?

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Understanding The Pradigm

Indoor Vertical Farming has a different paradigm than Greenhouse growing which is a different paradigm than field growing. In the field, you have a huge number of uncertainties, the primary one being the weather. The next is the makeup of the soil and thirdly is the environment around the field and the farm. The root […]

Why We Care If Hydroponics Is Organic

Recently the US group which regulates these things, decided, by a vote of 8 to 7, that Hydroponics can continue to be classified as “Organic”. While the debate was very technical, I see the debate as important because it’s about Sustainability and what we eat. Hydroponic growing, which is used by many Indoor Vertical Farming […]

Indoor Vertical Farming Predictions

There will totally “net zero” Indoor Vertical Farming systems. Meaning that all the necessary energy to grow will be generated onsite. Indoor Vertical Farming will increase the quality and nutrition of the food supplies. Indoor Vertical Farming will make any level of pesticides unacceptable. The price of fresh food will drop once the Indoor Vertical […]

The 7 Reasons Indoor Vertical Farming Is Sustainable

Reduction of the Carbon footprint in food production. Reduction in Carbon footprint moving food 1,500 miles (on average) from production to consumers. Removal of Fertilizer runoff into the water system. Removal of Pesticides from the environment. No wastage of water. Growing can use 100% renewable energy. Greater consumer health from increased nutritional quality of the […]