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Take a look at what we're growing at our development plantation, and get answers to the question "What the heck is a cultivar?".

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What is Oxyfertigation?

In short, it's our process that infuses extra oxygen into our water and plants to grow better, and more nutritious, vegetables. It's not magic. It's just science!

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Why get your vegetables from thousands of miles away, when our salads come fresh from our local farms?

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Controlled Agriculture Environment Industry Updates – October 2016

We’ve got your fix of updates from the world of the Controlled Agriculture Environment industry right here, from our October 2016 newsletter! A backgrounder explaining why Hydroponic growing can be healthy, chemical free, GMO free but not labelled Organic Indoor Ag Industry to Go Its Own Way Amid Debate on Organic Labelings Understanding some of […]

Controlled Agriculture Environment Industry Updates – September 2016

Fresh off the digital press, here are some interesting updates from the world of the Controlled Agriculture Environment industry, from our September 2016 newsletter! Globe and Mail reviews the Controlled Agriculture Environment in Canada – New Techniques Have Small, Urban Facilities Replacing Acres of Farmland An exciting entry into the Controlled Agriculture industry! Elon Musk’s […]

Dr. Nicholas Savidov

Praise of Local Grown Salads from Dr. Nicholas Savidov

Dr. Nicholas Savidov, an internationally-recognized expert, is the senior research scientist for the Aquaponics program at Lethbridge College. Born and raised in Russia, he received his MS. and Ph.D degrees in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry in Russian State Agricultural University in Moscow. He conducted his postdoctoral studies in the Plant Biochemistry Lab in Ben-Gurion University […]

Controlled Agricultural Environment Industry Updates – July 2016

In case you missed them, we’re adding our old newsletters here, so you can keep up to date with what’s going on in our industry. Here’s an update we put out in early July. BrightFarms –┬áChicago-area greenhouse is expected to grow more than 1 million pounds of salad greens, herbs and tomatoes per year exclusively […]