Indoor Vertical Farming Will Be Mainstream

Taking Indoor Vertical Farming mainstream means understanding how new industries develop.

Indoor Vertical Farming is a new industry like trains, telegraph, oil, telephone, electricity, the automobile, the radio, and computers once were.

Our industry is following the same pattern followed by any industry that changed society.

All started with inefficiency, big dreams, companies starting and failing, and lots of “it won’t work!”.

Innovators supported by investors.

The innovators will be people with vision, who are not daunted by the technical and business challenges.

Innovators like Carnegie, Edison, Ford, Rockefeller, Marconi, Jobs and now Musk.

Investors who see the profit possibilities.

Innovators work through the problems, watch their competitors, improve daily, and move on from failures.

The Indoor Vertical Farming race is now to create a fully scalable and commercialized technology.

The innovators will make breakthroughs.
We will all improve.
Indoor Vertical Farming will be successful.
Massive fortunes will be made.

The real industry challenge is scalability.

Once that is solved, others will follow, and the technology will become mainstream.

Indoor Vertical Farms will be in every city feeding people healthy fresh food.

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