Understanding The Pradigm

Indoor Vertical Farming has a different paradigm than Greenhouse growing which is a different paradigm than field growing.

In the field, you have a huge number of uncertainties, the primary one being the weather. The next is the makeup of the soil and thirdly is the environment around the field and the farm.

The root economic challenge is the distances involved.

Field farmers do it,because they love it, not to become wealthy.

Greenhouse growers worry managing technology. They need to heat/cool and run water and nutrition systems. And because of the size of the Greenhouses (typically acres) the systems are big and complex and have many many components.

The root economic challenge is the systems required to keep the weather/insects outside and let light in.

Greenhouse growing can be very profitable.

Indoor Vertical Farmers worry about capital costs, technical integration and gaining recognition.

Indoor Vertical Farming will be immensely profitable.

The root economic challenge is the unproven nature of the technology.

The designs of Indoor Vertical Farming systems must, by its very nature, be as different as greenhouses are to field growing.

If the Indoor Vertical Farming company uses Greenhouse approaches to the technology, the company will fail.

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