Countries can become Food Self Sufficient

NYC is fed from California, Seattle from Florida, Chicago from Mexico.

Canada imports 87% of its vegetables its from southern United States and Mexico.
The GCC is fed from Morroco and Jordan and other countries.
When the rain does not fall on the plain in Spain, England has no lettuce.

Around the world food travels, on average, 2400km or 1500 miles.

This travel has a huge Carbon footprint.
This travel means short shelf life. Food goes bad.
This travel means the food loses taste and nutrient value.
It’s like transporting flavoured water.
It makes no sense anymore.

With Indoor Vertical Farming vegetables can be grown where people live.
The food can be nutritious and full of flavour.

It means that no longer will food supplies be dependent on weather. The prices will be consistent, we can have an increase in the kinds of vegetables grown.

All this is happening and available today.

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