​Why are Veggies from an Indoor Vertical Farm Better?

“Better” in vegetables is freshness, taste,  nutrition, and no pesticides or pathogens.
You can tell the difference when you buy from a farmers market.
But who has time?
And what do we do in winter?
Both the farmer and the retailer want to give you the best product.
But an efficient system developed over 75 years has created a problem.
  1. Veggies travel an average of 1500 miles. California to NYC, Florida to Seattle, Mexico to Chicago and Canada. Spain to England. Morroco to Germany. They travel by truck and ship.
  2. Veggies require large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers to keep prices reasonable. Yes, even organic veggies use them. But, In organic they are  naturally sourced rather than man made.
  3. Veggies are selected for their ability to last and look good while travelling  from the farmer to a  distribution center to your local retailer.
Freshness, taste, and nutrition is lost during their journey.
  • Indoor Vertical Farms are located where the consumers live.
  • The veggies don’t travel.
  • They are located within an hour of the retail store.
  • There is no  pesticides.
  • The veggies are selected for growing based  on taste and nutrients.
The veggies are eaten the same day they are harvested.
They are “Better”.
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