Why are Veggies from an Indoor Vertical Farm Safer?

By safer we mean less likely to cause you food poisoning or cause an infection.

Vegetables have been responsible for some pretty scary recalls in the last few years.

Chipolte shut down stores for months and products from a major packaged salad brand caused 3 deaths last year. These are the biggest stories. It’s not unusual to hear of recalls of food products, sometimes daily.

In the field there are mice, dogs, birds, and even people reliving themselves on the vegetables.

Unclean canals are used for watering.

These are the sources for the pathogens and the people harvesting are the source of the diseases.

All the suppliers wash and sanitize their products, but, with millions of pounds being processed in one factory, it’s easy to understand that one tiny millimeter can be missed, and through the mixing and bagging the equipment becomes infected and then all the product is infected.I

Indoor Vertical Farming has no source of pathogens. No animals or birds are ever present in the facility. People are totally gowned, gloved and in the better facilities, they are masked.

Removing the sources and with testing, the probability of pathogens or infection in an Indoor Vertical Farm is near zero.

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