You’ll Be Green With Envy That You Can’t Rap Like Macka B

We’ve been sharing vegan rapper Macka B’s videos over the past few weeks, so, by now, you’re probably starting to get his message loud and clear. While we’re not specifically pushing for you to be vegan, we want to be sure that you now just how many benefits you can get out of specific vegetables and grains. And, wouldn’t you know it, Macka really delivers on the rhythm and the veggie details.

Here is is rapping about his favourite greens. You can follow Macka B at

Macka B’s Favourite Greens

Callaloo Calla –Who Callaloo Some Call it Amaranth too
Callaloo Calla –Who Callaloo Part of the Amaranth Crew
My Favourite Greens is this,
The first one I mention on the Wha Me Eat List
Similar to Spinach…

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