Slate Uncovers Exactly What “Triple-Washed” Means

Different Ready to Eat Packaged SaladsWe’ve got a great story highlight today, from Slate, all about the “Triple-Washed” claim you’ve probably noticed on your Ready-to-Eat bagged salads. It’s a look at food safety you may have always wondered about, but never knew!
From the article:
“For years, the “triple-washed” label on bags and cartons of salad greens has confounded me. Why do I need to be told that these greens were washed three times? Should this be the linchpin of my purchase? I’ve always erred on the side of caution and fourth-washed at home, but I’ve never understood whether that was truly necessary, and the answers I found online were often contradictory.Ben Chapman, a food safety specialist and researcher at North Carolina State University, explained that triple washing is at least partially an aesthetic preparation. Triple washing is “not just a food safety step,” he said. “It’s a quality step as well.” The lettuce and other greens that go into our salads are grown in sprawling fields full of soil, rocks, sand, and dust. Because greens are eaten raw, any of these elements could potentially make it onto a plate. The triple-wash process greatly reduces the chance of this happening, removing “dirt, debris, anything you might find associated with the environment when you’re harvesting lettuce,” Chapman informs me. So one of the reasons salad producers love to tout the triple-washed process is that it really does help ensure the purity of greens.”

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