Door to Door Organics Sales Hit $43 Million

Door to Door Organics logoToday’s story highlight is on Relay Foods and its new parent company, Door to Door Organics. The report itself focuses on the changes to Relay Foods, but of particular interest to us were the points about Door to Door Organics success to date.

“Relay Foods, an online-only grocery delivery service operating in a handful of Mid-Atlantic markets, is retiring its name and adopting the go-to-market strategy of its new parent company, Door to Door Organics.

Door to Door Organics was founded in 1997 and provides grocery delivery to markets primarily in the West and Midwest. Customers go online to select a box of organic produce — all-fruit, all vegetable, or a mix — in one of four sizes, then add from a selection of grocery items to complete their order. The ‘Good Food Shop’ grocery selection features natural and locally sourced products, according to the company’s website, and includes dry grocery products, baked goods, dairy, frozens, meats and seafood, and nonfood items.

Internet Retailer estimated Door to Door’s sales volume at $43 million in 2015, up 26.5% over 2014 levels. The companies said at the time of their merger announcement last June that they would serve 63 markets in 18 states.”

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