Food Safety Concerns Pose Serious Risk to Our Health

Food safety is the highest priority for Local Grown Salads. The following story demonstrates how complex a problem it can be, and why Local Grown Salads is designing its equipment and its processes to, first and foremost, maximize food safety. We use the latest and most current advanced technologies to reduce the risk of contamination in any of our facilities.

Chicago health officials say cilantro at a particular restaurant, Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill, caused a summer E. coli outbreak that may have caused 100 people to fall ill. The bacteria were not found in the restaurant’s cilantro or even at the distributor, however. Some of the officials involved in the investigation say there may have been some cross contamination which lead to the spread of the outbreak, based on the number of cases of illness when associated with raw cilantro consumption.

The department identified 69 confirmed cases and 37 probable cases as part of the outbreak. Twenty-two people were hospitalized. For the 55 primary cases, illness onset dates ranged from June 19 to July 3.

The cilantro came to the restaurant from a distributor that bought the product from multiple sources, including suppliers in Illinois and Mexico, but couldn’t be traced back further.

Sixteen of 40 food handlers tested were positive for E. coli, according to the report, and the supplement to the report noted “several critical violations” including improper temperatures for several food items and improper hand hygiene practices.

“In the absence of confirmed cases reporting consumption of implicated food items from another restaurant, it was not possible to perform further traceback to assess for a common source of contamination,” the department said in the supplement to the report. “No other restaurants serviced by the distributor were linked to the outbreak.”

Read the full report at (This article is no longer available online)

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