Post Rundown – December 2016

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SmartBrief on the Symbolic Power of Organic

Image via original article: Thad Zajdowicz/Flickr

If you see “Organic” or “Natural” on a label, do you consider the implications?

In the food industry, what you think is an important discussion. It effects investment and the products you can eat.

Here is what one important expert believes is your opinion.
What he says is important in the food industry.

It will make a difference in what new products will be developed and what retailers will put on their shelves.

TED-Ed: Do we really need pesticides?

This short video from TED explains the need and purpose of Pesticides and some of their problems.
It’s a great promotion video for indoor growing. In indoor growing we remove the need for pesticides by simply keeping the insects outside through air filters and pressurized doors.

Why You Need to Wash Your Veggies

Here is how standard, full-stalk celery is harvested and bagged today.
Pay attention to a couple of things:

1) It’s bagged in the field.
2) The volume of what is bagged from that one field.

Why pay such close attention? This field, just as with any open-air space, is one that animals, birds, and more travel through, and even do their business on! Open-air means open to the elements, and everything else.

This is why food safety is such a large issue, and why you need to pay extra close attention. When the bag says “Wash Before Use” you really should!

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