Local Grown Salads Begins Testing in Windsor, Ontario

facebook-post-mapWe’ve begun planting at the new Development and Demonstration Centre in Windsor, Ontario! We’re ready to push our testing into overdrive, with expanded production yield testing, shelf life testing, and preparing the groundwork for our first full-fledged Growing Centre!

To start, we’re replanting some of our earlier cultivars, and some new ones. Take a look at this! We’re growing:

Moss Curled Parsley
Rhubarb Chard (and other Rainbow Chard varieties)
Genovese (Pesto) Basil
Ella Dill
Red Russian Kale
Tuscano (Lacinato) Kale
Vates Kales
Sugar Daddy Snap Peas
Oregon Sugar Peas
Red Sails Leaf Lettuce
Summer Savoy
Smooth Leaf Spinach
Butterfly Spinach
Jalapeno Peppers
Garnett Stem Italian Dandelion
Salad Bowl Oakleaf Lettuce
Dark Red Lollo Rosso Lettuce
Persian Cress
Mibuna Asian Greens
Tatsoi Asian Greens
Garnet Giant Mustard Greens

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