New FDA Food Safety Standards to be Implemented by 2020


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Food is going to become much safer (in the USA and, by extension, probably Canada) starting in 2020.

It also represents a huge opportunity…

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced the FSMA – Food Safety Modernization Act.

By 2020 everyone involved in the production and sale of food will need a significantly higher level of food safety traceability and testing. The traceability requirement will start at the retailer level, requiring retailers to have documentation from each of their suppliers (distributors, raw food processors, etc.), even the smallest ones.

In turn, that will require each of the them to have their own tracable documentation from all their suppliers, working its way back to even the smallest farm (with some exemptions).

The Act will also require a level of testing that most farms don’t currenlty do.

Given how many farms operate, it will be a complicated and an almost impossible task.

To put it simply, by the end of 2020, vertical/indoor farming has to be a reality or supplies to retailers will begin to dry up. (Smallest farms have till 2023)…/GuidanceRegulation/FSMA/ucm334114.htm

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