Controlled Agriculture Environment Industry Updates – November 2016

04---Swiss-Chard-3-WebOur November 2016 newsletter is live and ready for you! We’re stepping deeper into the local and
vertical farming worlds in this month’s newsletter, with a look at grocery retailers experimenting with on-site growing. Plus, we’ve got some politics, stats and more.

Take a look!

Could the produce you buy soon be grown right at your local retailer?
Target Experiments with In-Store Vertical Farms

And how about this for Local?
About 3,444 square feet will be devoted to growing produce.
Half set aside for the greenhouse and half for the rest –
Belgian supermarket unveils plan to sell food grown on their own rooftop garden

The Urban Agriculture Act of 2016 would offer urban farmers new resources through the U.S. Department of Agriculture
US Congress To Discuss Urban Agriculture Bill

Natural and Organic Food Industry Reports and Projections –
Packaged Facts: Natural and Organic Retail Foods and Beverage Market Hits $69 Billion

How do traditional supermarkets keep companies like Amazon Fresh from knocking down the door? Fresh Produce
Wall Street Journal – Supermarkets Best Weapon Against Amazon and Other is Produce

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