Controlled Agriculture Environment Industry Updates – October 2016

img_0686-croppedWe’ve got your fix of updates from the world of the Controlled Agriculture Environment industry right here, from our October 2016 newsletter!

A backgrounder explaining why Hydroponic growing can be healthy, chemical free, GMO free but not labelled Organic
Indoor Ag Industry to Go Its Own Way Amid Debate on Organic Labelings

Understanding some of the business issues around delivering local produce direct to consumers.
Editorial: Local Agriculture Needs The New York Times to Dig Deeper

BrightFarms has several Hydroponic Greenhouses in operation working with local communities
BrightFarms raised $30M For US Expansion

An Indoor/Vertical Agriculture Industry Conference in New York City
Indoor Ag-Con

Salon has an overview of the Indoor/Vertical Growing Industry including Pros and Cons
High Times – Vertical farming Is On The Rise, But can it save the planet?

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